MSM for Beauty and Skin Health - by Guest Writer Dr. Kasandra Patam, Medical Advisor for Nikua Skin

MSM for Beauty and Skin Health - by Guest Writer Dr. Kasandra Patam, Medical Advisor for Nikua Skin

Topical Use of MSM for Beauty and Skin Health

Organic products are promising alternatives to the synthetic products as they are not only effective, affordable, but also safe against unwanted side effects. However, with the number of available naturally derived creams, ointments, and gels, the pursuit for an honest to goodness product can become tedious. Narrowing it down to the most studied and experimented ingredient, MSM or methylsulfonylmethane takes the spotlight of skin care industry with all its beneficial properties.


What Exactly is MSM?

The MSM serves as a natural firming agent. It strengthens the bonds between cells or the building blocks of the body. As we all know, skin is a massive organ composed of tissue and it benefits from its reviving and rejuvenating properties of MSM. This means that this natural ingredient serves as a glue to maintain the structure and consistency for a younger, smoother, and healthier skin. Interestingly, when combined with water and salts in our body, the MSM technically stands as a major part of the body.

How Versatile is MSM?

Generally, MSM serves as a versatile remedy to most skin problems. It passes to be a good addition for your health and beauty regimen as well. Its unique chemical composition also benefits the skin health by in slowing down or inhibiting the degradation, breakage, or malfunction of collagen. Collagen is very important in keeping a healthy, young, and vibrant looking skin. It aids to reduce the effects of free radicals from the food and environment thus slowing down the aging process.

Furthermore, the good association with collagen helps to slow down the appearance of wrinkles and other unwanted lines. This also helps to reduce scar formation from acne with its ability to boost collagen in the skin. It accelerates the production of new cells which improves the overall skin health. This is why MSM in topical application helps to maintain a healthy glow in skin by supporting the strength and elasticity of the skin. Application of MSM in creams or any other topical ointment has anti -  aging factor with regular use.

How Great is Sulfur in MSM?

The MSM contains high amount of sulfur. This compound is crucial in maintaining overall health of hair, skin, and nails. Some studies also suggest that MSM supports a healthy respiratory and immune function of the body. Furthermore, sulphur together with vitamin C improves the absorption of other nutrient contents of a cream by causing each cell to permit easy passage through them. As more of the healthy organic nutrients flow freely between cells, it helps the skin to detoxify, reduce redness or irritation, and sooth inflammation.

For instance, the toxins that causes the appearance of whiteheads, cysts, or blackheads can be more easily released. It is also proven effective against psoriasis, dermatitis, dandruff, scabies, and fungal infections. In acne, the sulfur also lessen the production of androgen hormones proving to be a potent ingredient with variety of use. As a dose dependent ingredient, the MSM is also proven to be beneficial in promoting hair growth, thus, a great treatment for alopecia or hair loss.

Is MSM Really Safe to Use?

Being a naturally derived ingredient, MSM is very gentle to the body, especially to the skin. It can be applied in larger amounts without side effects. Recently, it is combined with medicated creams and ointments providing a powerful serum that easily penetrates the skin. The MSM hastens the effect of other active ingredients to alleviate the symptoms of rashes, eczema, dryness of the skin, among other skin diseases. Compared to other forms of sulfur, MSM is more advisable due to its potency and effectivity that will benefit users in the long run.

Written by Dr. Kasandra Christina Patam

Medical Advisor & Content Writer at Nikua Skin 

Doctor of Medicine – MD, Graduated in 2018 from the University of Perpetual Help

Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Medical University, Calabarzon, Philippines in General Medicine

Blog posted by Daniel Shafer, CEO Beauty Leaf Inc


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