Start with the Right Products

Start with the Right Products

The Right Products to Start

Many women who have generally healthy skin without much photo-aging are asking for help to reduce wrinkles (crow’s feet) around the eyes and lips.  I promise you that when you use the right Nikua Skin program to solve these specific problems you will also experience overall improvement in skin smoothness, even tone, and radiance.

Our favorite product is Sun Protective Sweet Orange Facial Serum.  It has the most skin regeneration ingredients including Tamanu and Co-Enzyme Q10.

That’s why the Essential Skin Care bundle is the place to start with Nikua Skin products.

Nicki, our Operations Manager, is getting great results on reduction in wrinkles, overall smoothness, and radiance with this 4 part combination:

    1.  Firming Tangerine Micro-Dermabrasion Scrub   

Exfoliation is the foundation of skin care to reverse the effects of aging.  Micro-dermabrasion scrub removes rough dead skin cells and prepares the skin to absorb functional ingredients in toner, serum, and peptide eye gel.

    2.  Energizing Skin Firming Toner
We love this product.  It an example of the best formulation work I have done.  Contains DMAE which causes the micro-muscles in skin to tense, resulting in firming that you can feel all day.  MSM in Energizing Toner helps to strengthen collagen structure which strengthens skin and reduces wrinkles.

    3.  Geranium & Peptide Advanced Cooling Eye Gel
Peptides help to improve circulation and preserves collagen and elastin to thicken and firm skin.  We specially designed this product for the around the eye contour.  But the effect of Eye Gel has the same effect on all skin, including lips and over the body to reduce crepe skin.

    4.  Nicki always follows up with Sun Protective Sweet Orange Facial Serum to moisturize and prevent trans-dermal water loss.

Special skin regeneration ingredients include Tamanu, Rose Hip Oil, Co-Enzyme Q-10, and Retinoids that make this a stand-out product to reverse the appearance of skin-aging.  Let’s not ignore our broad array of Ceramides in Sweet Orange Facial Serum.  The skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor is 50% ceramides.   Any moisturizer without ceramides is a poor substitute.

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