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Therapeutic Body Wash Calms Irritated Skin

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Non-irritating cleanser, delivers soothing natural plant extracts in a gentle body and hair wash.  This body wash is not filled with non-essential ingredients.  It has a gentle lather, is tear-free, with a calming lavender scent.  Removes bacteria and preserves skin barrier function, keeping skin hydrated and protected.  Balanced with skin’s natural pH, this cleanser protects skin and scalp against environmental toxins that may lead to eczema and dry patches.   Includes soothing and calming aroma-therapy ingredients like Organic Lavender distillate and Chamomile Flower water.  Jojoba seed oil mimics the skin’s natural oil barrier, keeping skin hydrated.  Therapeutic Body Wash & Shampoo is gentle enough for baby, yet effective enough for mother and all family members.

If you suffer from eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis, this gentle body cleanser has anti-bacterial ingredients that can help alleviate those symptoms.  Restoring the barrier function of the skin is important in restoring skin health.  This product specializes in barrier function restoration as it delivers a natural pH balance to the skin's surface.  Harsh soaps can disrupt barrier function, leading to bacteria and unwanted organisms entering through the skin and leading to disease.

Itchy and irritated skin can get relief from daily use of Therapeutic Body Wash & Shampoo.  Skin can become itchy from a multitude of reasons - allergic reactions, dry skin, weathering damage, pollution, contact dermatitis, and healing burns and abrasions are just a few.  Body Wash & Shampoo calms inflamed skin, bringing relief and healing.  You will notice the difference in the gentleness of this body wash. 

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