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Why DIY during a Pandemic?

Salon trips may pose health risk

Taking a trip to the local spa used to be a treat we regularly allowed ourselves.  Self-care relieves stress, schedules relaxation, and may be intertwined with socializing with friends.  The Covid-19 worldwide pandemic has forced us to rethink how we engage in self-care.  What once was an innocuous appointment is now a health risk for you and your family.  Many women are now reluctant to visit salons for skin care and are actively seeking DIY salon alternatives for effective skin health treatments that can be safely applied at home.

Back to basics

There are three necessary steps to basic skin health – cleanse, tone, and moisturize.  Cleansing the skin removes make-up, dirt, debris, soap scum, and environmental toxins.  Gentle cleansers are pH-balanced to your skin’s natural pH level.  Soaps are too caustic and should never be used on delicate skin.  An effective exfoliator deeply cleanses the skin by dissolving or loosening the dead cells at the skin’s surface. 

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New skin cells are continuously migrating toward the surface where they are eventually shed.  As we age, the process of skin cell turnover slows, allowing dead skin cells to linger at the surface resulting in the appearance of aged skin.  We want youthful cells to reach the surface frequently, giving the smooth, dewy, vibrant appearance of young skin.  Once skin is cleansed and pores are open, applying a toner delivers collagen and elastin building ingredients straight to prepared skin.  An effective toner also includes antiseptic ingredients to kill bacteria that may be lurking in pores (which leads to acne).  Daily exfoliation and toning are necessary to knock away dead skin cells and also prepares the skin to accept important ingredients in a facial serum.  Exfoliating can strip away natural oils and irritate the skin.  Applying a facial serum that hydrates, delivers antioxidants, and promotes skin healing adequately replaces surface oils, hydrates the skin by restoring the natural barrier function, and fights signs of aging with antioxidants.  Read more about Skin Cell Renewal  Read more about Nikua Skin's Tangerine Scrub

Alternatives to aggressive salon treatments

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Salons offering skin treatments want to show customers instant results.  Aggressive treatments may give a great before and after snapshot, but at a price.  The price to pay is not only out-of-pocket cash but also irritated, damaged skin.  Safely effective skincare products applied daily at home will bring about the same dramatic results yet at a gentler pace, allowing your skin to adapt and heal.  Clean products with functional ingredients can be budget friendly and used by the entire family.

Safe at home

You have lived in your skin your whole life; you know it best.  Now is the time to take back care for your skin by developing and maintaining a simple daily skincare routine.  Simplify your bathroom shelf with products containing functional ingredients sourced from plant extracts that nourish, heal, promote youthful appearance, and are soft on your pocketbook.

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