What is Acne?


Pores are small holes in the skin's surface that allow hair and oil (sebum) to exit the skin.


Dead skin cells can clog a pore, allowing bacteria to grow and sebum to build up.


Bacteria, inflammation, and excess oil build up in the pore, causing a pimple to erupt.
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Why do I get acne?

Many factors lead to acne breakouts. Normally, acne occurs when there is a clogged pore due to build up of dead skin cells and old sebum. A daily basic skin care routine can greatly reduce your chances of experiencing a breakout. Hormones, diet, environment, and skin type can all be factors leading to acne. Under normal circumstances, acne breakouts can be prevented and treated without medication.

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How do I prevent it?

Preventing acne from starting is the best way to not have acne. New skin cells naturally migrate to the surface where they are shed. It is essential to exfoliate away the dead skin cells so that they do not build up and clog pores. A natural exfoliant will gently scrub away the dead cells, dissolve old sebum, and stop bacteria from growing. Keeping the face cleansed throughout the day to remove sweat, dirt, excess sebum, and toxins also prevents acne breakouts.

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