We are committed to bring solutions for your skin health concerns.  Beauty Leaf Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells cosmetic products which provide breakthrough improvements in skin health via modern cosmetic science, with performance boosted by natural, safe, and non-irritating botanical plant extracts used by traditional medicine from around the world. 

Healing plant extracts from Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM, and health promoting plants historically used by American Indians and Europeans all work together with modern cosmetic science as a synergistic team to substantially improve skin health.

Our skin comes in daily contact with a variety of environmental toxins and harsh conditions.  Skin restoration from the normal effects of aging will see improvement following daily use of the Nikua Skin Cell Renewal System.  Symptoms from small cuts, abrasions, burns, and rashes will benefit from the herbal bandage created from healthful ingredients such as tamanu oil.  Bringing skin health solutions to our customers is our top concern.

Nikua Skin Statement of Values