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Genuine Pearls from Tahiti

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Tahaa - Genuine Freshwater Pearls from Tahiti

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Tahaa is a really attractive strand of genuine freshwater pearls from Tahiti.  Multi-colored pearls of white, pink, light gray, and dark gray.

Necklace length is 18.5" (47cm).

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Genuine Freshwater Pearl Jewelry from Tahiti

Just in Time for the Gift-giving Season

Hand-crafted jewelry from Tahiti. Turn any holiday outfit into a statement by accessorizing with a unique creation. Affordable and authentic.

Every woman should own a strand of pearls! Make a statement with black or gray iridescent freshwater pearls from Tahiti. Free shipping in the US.

Freshwater pearl jewelry. One-of-a-kind jewelry sets are limited, so purchase today! Sets accented with garnet and turquoise are the perfect gift for someone special.

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