Nikua Training Center Connection

Beauty Leaf Inc is committing its profits from the sale of Nikua Skin products to support the mission of Nikua Training Center, a multinational non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to ensuring food security, energy security, and human resource development in Pacific Island Countries in need of economic development and energy independence.

Nikua supports income-generating sustainable agricultural production via provision of equipment and training for village-scale business units on production of food for local nutrition and revenue generating value-added food products.  Nikua provides equipment to ensure safe fresh drinking water and wastewater treatment.

Nikua supports climate change mitigation goals by provision of equipment for production of low-carbon marine diesel fuel meeting international fuel quality standards.  Renewable diesel biofuel produced by Nikua microscale chemical reactor equipment can be net CO2 negative by integration with sustainable agricultural process methods.

Nikua will provide long-term local support in chemical process engineering, marketing, and business management.  Nikua will hand-off ownership of village-scale biofuel manufacturing plants to villages and islands across Oceania and the Asia-Pacific region.

Training will be provided in business practices that fit the culture of isolated communities.  Nikua will encourage women’s groups to manage business units.

Nikua Training Center is an educational non-profit charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. It is governed by an independent Board of Directors, which is obligated to use Nikua resources solely to advance its charitable purpose.